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Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Ren?

Tomorrow I go to my first Renaissance Faire of the season. I've usually gone to at least one by now, but life gets in the way sometimes. Ren Faires are events I look forward to every year.

Why Ren? It's fun, it's fantasy, it's friendly. The first time I went to a faire, I was in "mundane" clothing--shorts and t shirt. I looked in amazement at the costumes and wondered why anyone would want to dress like that. The second time I went, to a different faire, the weather was blazing hot and very humid. Shorts and t shirt were too hot to wear, so I bought my first costume--a cotton top and skirt, with a belt. I was so much cooler! I noticed that people acted differently when I was in costume--the employees interacted with me more, and other fair goers assumed I was a regular.

In the years that have passed, I have purchased many items to accessorize my costumes, which are now legion. Dressing up, I become another person..Maggie Rosethorn, a wench from the 1500's. But, to become Maggie, I have had to read more. I read history so that I understand the time that my faire is set within. I have read things I wouldn't have otherwise--since one faire uses Robin Hood legends, I read Howard Pyle. Since other faires are set during various time periods, I read about life in the 1400's, the 1500's and other eras.

Why Ren? I enjoy the music, the food, the excitement. Watching a tournement, knights battling, Robin Hood and his band protecting the innocent, a living Chess game, I relax and forget modern life and all the work waiting for me at home. It's a short vacation.

Why Ren? It's an excuse to travel. There is at least one Ren Faire in almost every U.S. state. Some states have more than one. The dates are usually staggered to some extent. Some vendors spend their summers going from one faire to another to sell their items. Some people plan their vacations to attend a faire in a different state.

Why Ren? I've met a lot of great people, from all over the country, that I never would have met otherwise. I hear music-- Mediaeval Baebes, The Crimson Pirates, Three Pints Shy--that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. I laugh, eat, drink (and shop!) and have fun.

Why Ren? Because, most of all, it's fun. And that's the way life should be.


  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger Carmel said…

    I love those faires... Sadly it's been years since I've been to one... but I understand the joy of it.


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